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Aquablade Premium 18 Inch Front Wiper Blade

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Aerodynamic, low-profile design provides clear performance in any driving condition


Patented "tool-less" universal adaptability for all major arm types


Premium, natural rubber blade for enhanced durability


Rated to perform over 1.5 million cycles


Premium, innovative beam blade technology for the ultimate all-season performance. Sturdy, one-piece blade that will not clog in ice or snow. Meets or exceeds OEM standards. Available in sizes from 13in - 28in.
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Open FAQ When should you change your windshield wipers?

When should you change your windshield wipers?

Windshield wipers are easy to overlook and forget about. After all, they’re not something you use every day. But wipers are the only thing between you and a clear view of the road when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Of course, no one thinks about replacing their windshield wiper blades on a bright, sunny day. At Valvoline, we believe that’s when it makes the most sense. Discovering your wipers are worn and damaged during a downpour or snowstorm isn’t just frustrating. It can be hazardous. On most vehicles, changing out wiper blades is a DIY project that can be done in minutes. Follow the instructions on the packaging or check your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Open FAQ A few signs it’s time to replace your wipers.

A few signs it’s time to replace your wipers.

Bent Frames Check the wiper arm. If the frame is bent, it won’t make full contact with the windshield. Wear Inspect wiper blades for cracking, tearing, splitting or hard and inflexible rubber. Streaks Worn wipers can cause annoying streaks, making them ineffective at clearing the windshield. Skipping A damaged wiper blade often results in uneven pressure. Squeaking and Screeching When you hear strange noises from the wipers, there may be friction from worn and hardened blades. Dirty Windshield If your view is obstructed because of dirt, grime or water that’s unevenly cleared, chances are you need a fresh set of wiper blades.

Open FAQ How long do windshield wipers last?

How long do windshield wipers last?

Windshield wiper longevity depends on multiple factors: driving conditions, the material they’re made from, weather conditions, how frequently the wipers are used, and where you live. Typically, windshield wipers last six to 12 months. If you drive in a state with ice and snow, an area with extreme heat, or a place with frequent rain, the wipers are more susceptible to damage and the rubber edges can deteriorate faster, resulting in more frequent wiper changes. The bottom line: Wear, not time, determines the lifespan of wipers. If they’re not clearing the windshield correctly and your view is impaired in any way, you may be ready for new wipers, regardless of when you had them replaced. To be on the safe side, Valvoline recommends swapping out your wipers in the fall to prepare for winter and then again in the spring to get ready for those seasonal thunderstorms.

Open FAQ How do you know which windshield wipers to buy?

How do you know which windshield wipers to buy?

When it comes to wipers, one size does not fit all. It depends on your car’s make, model and year. Valvoline makes it quick and easy to get the wipers designed specifically for your vehicle. Use our Product Finder to find the perfect windshield wiper fit. Or refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended wiper blade size.

Open FAQ How much do windshield wipers cost?

How much do windshield wipers cost?

Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and that’s often true with windshield wiper blades. Ultimately, the price reflects the type of blade and its materials. A conventional rubber blade is a cost-effective choice but not necessarily the most effective at clearing your windshield. Stepping up to premium wiper blades costs extra, but they’ll be more durable and provide better performance and visibility.

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