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Extended Protection Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Valvoline Flexfill Full Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 75W-140

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FLEXIBLE POUCH FOR EASIER USE WITH LESS WASTE in tight, hard to reach undercarriage situations


EXCEPTIONAL HIGH AND LOW TEMPERATURE PROTECTION ranging from -30F to 300F degrees for dependable coverage year-round




MEETS THE DEMANDS OF CONVENTIONAL AND LIMITED SLIP REAR DIFFERENTIALS where API GL-5 is specified, as well as non-synchronized manual transmissions that require API GL-4


We’ve squeezed innovation into every ounce of Valvoline FlexFill SAE 75W-140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil, the ultimate gear protection in hypoid rear differentials and non-synchronized manual transmissions. Our unique new flexible pouch makes getting into the tightest places to lubricate gears easier than ever and with less waste. The superior detergent package-based formulation contains fully synthetic basestocks and special additives that help protect parts from rust and corrosion while providing exceptional high and low temperature protection and excellent thermal stability, especially in demanding driving situations such as towing and off-roading. It contains an extreme pressure additive for better load carrying capacity, wear resistance additives that assist in protecting gear teeth, a limited slip additive for optimal clutch pack performance, and an anti-foaming agent for better lubrication and service life. Valvoline FlexFill SAE 75W-140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil is recommended for use in axle applications requiring factory-fill or drain-and-fill levels for limited slip performance.
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"Valvoline synthetic - what professionals use. GL-5 with limited slip additive. 5 stars! I've used Valvoline sythentic oil in many applications for over forty years. Valvoline is a top notch A+ grade lubricant, not some cheapo over-hyped and over-rated snake oil. I used this particular GL-5 rated sythetic (with limited slip additive) in a BMW E36, and it meets or exceeds all BMW requirements. Works great, and better protection than stock 75W-90 when driven hard, towing or in hot environments. Thanks to the limited slip additive, the pos-unit is smooth and gradual, not chattery. The limited slip additive is in the package, no extra costs or mixing required. NOTE: If you don't HAVE limited slip, no problem. The Valvoline limited slip additive is harmless to non-posi differentials, so you can use it in either application without any concern."

~ Ockham

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