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Extended Protection Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Valvoline Daily Protection Non-Detergent SAE 30 Motor Oil

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Proven to minimize everyday wear on your engine by providing consistent lubrication and defense


Optimize power & fuel efficiency with our low friction technology


Resist oil breakdown & sludge with added detergents to keep your engine clean


Exceptional temperature protection defends your engine in even the most severe weather


What’s the best conventional motor oil for a daily driver? Consider Valvoline Daily Protection for your next oil change in a 2012 vehicle and older that doesn’t require a full synthetic. Available in SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50, Valvoline Daily Protection is engineered to safeguard motors from heat, wear, deposits and friction, the main reasons of engine breakdown. Formulated with premium-quality basestocks that protect engines against varnish deposits and contamination, the low-friction formulation helps optimize fuel economy, while quality anti-wear additives, combined with powerful detergents, fight sludge to help keep the engine clean. Valvoline Daily Protection meets the performance requirements of virtually all naturally aspirated and turbocharged and gasoline-fueled passenger cars and light duty trucks, like Dodge Ram, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F150, Chevy Silverado and many more. Daily Protection provides high-temperature protection to resist breakdown in severe engine environments; low-temperature protection ensures the motor oil flows easily during cold winter weather, reducing wear at start-up. For outstanding performance day after day, count on Valvoline Daily Protection, made in America by the Original Motor Oil brand.
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"Good Oil for your motor needs! This is quality basic oil that I've used on my 4Runner since 2006 and 20 years later with regular oil changes, the engine is still running strong."

~ MiaB98


Open FAQ Is it ok to switch motor oil weights?

Is it ok to switch motor oil weights?

It depends. Some vehicle manufacturers provide a range of recommended motor oil viscosity grades based on the outside temperature in which the car is driven. Other manufacturers recommend the use of only one motor oil viscosity grade. For best engine performance, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Open FAQ What does the

What does the "w" in a grade of motor oil stand for?

The "w" in motor oil stands for winter. The first number in the oil classification refers to a cold weather viscosity. The lower this number is, the less viscous your oil will be at low temperatures. For example, a 5W- motor oil will flow better at lower temperatures than a 15W- motor oil. The higher number, following the “w” refers to hot weather viscosity, or how fluid your oil is at hot temperatures. The higher the number, the thicker the oil at a specified temperature.

Open FAQ Why do some motor oils carry the

Why do some motor oils carry the "API Certified - For Gasoline Engines" starburst symbol on the bottle while others do not?

The starburst symbol means that the oil meets the requirements of the International Lubricants Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC) in addition to the requirements of API, as stated in the API starburst symbol on the back of the bottle. Only certain viscosity grades are eligible for the starburst symbol.

Open FAQ How many miles can you go before changing oil?

How many miles can you go before changing oil?

Some motor oil brands claim 20,000-mile oil change intervals. But it comes down to individual driving habits, conditions, and ultimately what’s recommended in your vehicle owner manual. Valvoline recommends referring to your owner’s manual for oil change intervals.

Open FAQ Which Valvoline motor oils meet GM standard dexos 1™ Gen 3 standard

Which Valvoline motor oils meet GM standard dexos 1™ Gen 3 standard

The following Valvoline motor oils meet or exceed the requirements of GM standard dexos 1™ Gen 3: • Extended Protection Full Synthetic • Advanced Full Synthetic • Valvoline Full Synthetic

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